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Jude's Melts

Africa Soap Sponge

Africa Soap Sponge

Made in United Kingdom

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All in one Soap Sponge, perfect for using in the shower or bath, simply soak in water and cleanse away! Our soap base is made without using SLS, but does contain a high percentage of glycerin, which moisturises, smoothes, revitalises, and protects your skin. Your best friend when it comes to scrubbing dead skin, fake tan, or wanting to smell amazing!

This inspired version of the popular body scent is a blend of warm woody and earthy tones. Added with alluring florals of Bergamot, Vanilla, Mandarin, Basil, and Rose, this scent is desirable.

When using daily this sponge can last up to 4 weeks! Makes a terrific travel companion if heading to the sun, in replacement of shower and bath gels.  

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